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Good reliable food

Having being buying curry’s from spice night for years even when I moved out of their delivery area still go and collect to eat at home
placed by Hugo Jones on the 22nd December 2017


Food wonderful as ever. Tried their non-curried meat for first time. Not disappointed!
placed by Thomas Rodgers on the 5th June 2017


good, as always
placed by Thomas Rodgers on the 4th June 2017

Good very good

Good very good
placed by David Felstead on the 4th June 2017

Great local curry house

Good food and arrived quickly.
placed by Richard Prowse on the 27th March 2017

Great Food

Really good food
placed by Emile Bolt on the 4th March 2017

Great Indian

Good local Indian
placed by David Felstead on the 25th February 2017


This isn't Indian food. Their butter chicken is made with coconut. Their chaat isn't even chaat. I don't think they know what Indian food is! I certainly don't know how they got 5 stars. I really wanted to like this place but honestly the quality of the food is so poor I just couldn't. The food is so oily it dripped through the bag before I got home. They're slightly cheaper but in the interests of cutting costs they fill the tub with gravy and put the bare minimum amount of actual chicken in there. Not to mention the food gave us all indigestion because it was that bad. Never ever again.
placed by Subhayan Podder on the 17th February 2017

Food was great, but....

The food was lovely, good service and still hot on delivery, which arrived earlier than expected! The only downfall is the starter.. Tandoori King Prawn.... you literally get 1 king prawn, cut up into bits for a rip off price at £6.50!!!!!! This would prevent me ordering from here again as it's ridiculous. Most other places whether Indian or Chinese you get a portion of 4-6 king prawns in a starter. Very disappointed with that :(
placed by Herta Murphy on the 30th January 2017

Great service great food

Have no complaints about this establishment the food was exactly what we wanted and I found the staff to be really caring and hospitable
placed by Caroline Ball on the 20th December 2016

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